• How to Apply

    Applications to the LIRA Industrial Fund 2019 are Now Closed

    Deadline: February 15, 2019



    If you are eligible to apply within the listed categories, first start by preparing all the relevant and detailed information for your project as per the below list. The application will require you to provide a thorough and detailed description of each of the following, which will be used to asses the proposed project based on our published assessment criteria:

    • Brief Description of the Project (Introduce the problem statement and the innovative solution offered)*
    • Brief Description of the Project in Arabic (This is what would be published in the annual LIRA book to briefly represent your project)*
    • Uniqueness and Innovation (Provide evidence of benchmarked solutions/products/processes and highlight the added-value of this project)*
    • Detailed Design (Describe the project technical design and functions)*
    • Proof of Viable Industrial Application of the Project (Explain how this project would be utilized in an industrial setting, while considering all relevant business aspects)*
    • Expected Deliverables (Specify what exactly would be exhibited in the LIRA forum)*
    • Work Plan (Provide evidence of the prototype development timeline and task scheduling leading up to exhibition readiness by early June)*
    • Detailed Project Budget (Detail the total expenditure and items required for developing the project. If admitted, you would have to provide official receipts of all purchases to LIRA in order to receive reimbursements according to our industrial fund regulations)*
    • Photo of the Team Members (This would be used by LIRA for publishing purposes)*
    • Virtual Render of the Proposed Project (This could be a CAD image)*
    • Photo of the Finalized Functional Prototype
    • One Minute Video Introducing the Project

    (*) Required Fields to Submit the Application


    In addition, you will need to have the contact information of all participating students, academic supervisors, faculty dean and industrial partner, prior to starting the application.



    Once you are ready with all the necessary information at hand, the Online Application should require between 20 to 40 minutes to complete.